"…i am not a religious man… but my body is my temple… the pavement is my church… every step, a grace from God… every breath, a silent prayer … every distance, a holy blessing… every run, a fervent worship…" ;-P

Breaking Bone

Never thought it would happen to me but the way I am with my running and biking, I knew at the back of my mind that it was only a matter of time before I injure myself.

Four years ago, I almost tore my knee. Less than a year into running I over-trained myself so much so I developed runner’s knee. I was in danger of getting surgery as advised by a couple of doctor’s but a third opinion put me to three months of  rest and therapy instead. I thanked my lucky stars I dodged surgery that time and have been happily running and eventually biking ever since.

This time though, I wasn’t so lucky. I went out to ride on Philippine Independence Day so I was expecting there’d be lots of fellow bikers on the roads of Nuvali. Surprisingly, the pavement was relatively runner- and bike-free at four o’clock on a cloudy and windy Thursday afternoon.

I got so into my ride that as I approached Gate 5 from a downhill I underestimated the degree of the curve and wasn’t able to slow down and brake right away as I skidded on sand and gravel at the curve and lost control.

Before I could wrap my brain at what happened, I was on my back wincing in pain, catching my breath, pushing myself off from the ground by my feet. By the time I got myself up, I saw three security guards around me, one was on his radio while the other was asking me if I was alright. The other was pulling my bike up.


As I tried to gather my wits, I started to feel my right arm getting sore. I  felt a bulge on my right shoulder and figured I dislocated it. That’s when I realized I landed on my upper right back as I pushed myself off my bike while speeding through the turn.

Yet I still had the good (or bad) sense to save my bike from crashing on the sidewalk by standing on my pedals and pushing myself off it. I felt myself fly for a half-second as I jumped back first onto the ground. I didn’t hear a crack but a loud thud that knocked the wind out of me told me I was in trouble.


One of the guards then asked if I was still okay to ride. I said no, I think I dislocated my right shoulder. He then called for the Nuvali rescue team to come. In about ten minutes they arrived, put me on a sling and took me to the nearest hospital. At the Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Center in Paseo de Santa Rosa, I was brought to the Emergency Room. The X-Ray that followed confirmed my fears. Not only did I break my collarbone, but I broke it in two places.


Good thing they have a very competent Orthopedic department. Soon as my health insurance cleared and the stainless implant was purchased, the surgeon was ready to operate. Due to low potassium levels though, caused by over-sweating (I’ve been running and riding four days straight by then), it had to be delayed a day to get my levels up. Soon as I was cleared, the surgery was good to go.

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For the past fours years that I have been riding my bike from Santa Rosa to Pagsanjan or Santa Cruz I have always passed Ted’s by MonDay Chefs by but never paid attention to it much less stopped to grab a bite.

Not until it got featured in Eats 2014: Your Ultimate Handy Guide to Your Next Gastronomic Adventure. Then I made plans to either ride out to it or to run the distance instead. As I plotted my route which is pretty straightforward, I realized that given a couple of short detours, I could step out of my house and land on Ted’s door in a distance of 50km. A pretty standard entry-level marathon distance, one I love to run solo whenever get a day to myself with nothing to do.

So off I went one early Sunday morning knowing it’ll probably take me the whole day to get there. Mind you, I am a very slow runner. I love to take my time, make a lot of stops. I started my GPS watch at exactly 4AM and set a target of past noon. The whole time I was making scenarios in my head of the food I’m going to order, how they’re going to taste and how the place is going to look.

After slowly running under the scorching summer heat for eight hours I finally made it to Ted’s and it didn’t disappoint. The Americana and arts and crafts inspired interior is cozy with lots of artsy, craftsy stuff on display, some even for sale. It’s a nice way to while the time waiting for your order.


Soon as you open the door, an array of cakes greet you.


 I started off with a Mandarin shake that’s all fruit and ice, not too sweet which is good and totally refreshing, served in mason jars that’s the trend these days. Order numbers that comes in a blue, star shaped wood blocks are quirky.


My order came in ten minutes. Opted for an American style breakfast that was filling but not heavy. Played it safe and ordered the blueberry cheesecake. As cheesecakes go, it’s at par with what’s out there. The utensils that came in little red pails I think is cute !


 On my next visit, I tried out the angus ribeye. A slice that’s served a little thicker and bigger compared to some restaurants I’ve been to, it is tender and juicy and not too spiced or salted that you can’t taste the beef. The homemade gravy is a good complement to the meat. I could’ve used a little more gravy though given the size of the beef. I paired my meal with a macadamia frappuccino that lived up to expectation. Many fraps you can barely the taste the flavor of the nuts with all the sugar and cream overpowering the drink but with this one you can taste and smell the macadamia. I capped my meal with a beehive, a dessert that’s decadent and really meant to be shared but with my appetite I didn’t haha.


I love hanging out at the exterior of the restaurant. No matter how hot the weather is, it’s cool there like lounging out at your own backyard or garden or veranda.


That the desserts at Ted’s are worth the long trip is no question but if you’re going to take home some with you and a whole cake is just too much, try these cakes served in a jar. Not only did this dark choco salted caramel disappear in under a minute, it’s so delicious, the packaging from the brown paper, string, down to the wooden spoon makes for a perfect pasalubong.


 Finally, probably the best meal I ever had.  The chicken parmigiana served hot with al dente fusilli in tomato sauce, topped with large strips of breaded chicken beast that’s crispy but not dry with a side of  bread is a big meal in more ways than one. Of course, my favorite drink, the mandarin shake is always a treat. But the real star here is the avocado cheesecake. The creamy but not too sweet cheesecake tastes deliciously avocado. It’s my new favorite dessert!

 Since my first visit, I’ve been making reasons to go to Ted’s. I know it’s a quite a journey if you’re from the city. It’s a long trip even for me and I’m just from Sta Rosa! But if you’re anywhere near the area, it’s really worth the visit.

Cool ambiance, good food at affordable prices and fantastic desserts!

Ted’s by MonDay Chefs
KM 83 National Hway Brgy Duhat, Santa Cruz, Laguna
Phone: (049) 5016858


























There’s a new style that’s been making waves and ruling the podium of late, and its name is Salice!

 Designed and crafted in Italy, Salice (“Sa-Li-Che”) combines function and fashion in a distinctly European look. Local athletes that have been seen sporting a pair include Filipino Elite Triathletes August Benedicto and Kim Mangrobang. Known international product ambassadors include the likes of professional cycling world champion Alberto Rui Costa, cross-country skier Renato Pasini, sprint canoer Antonio Rossi and former professional cycling champion Alessandro Petacchi.

 006 ITA bianco

The backstory of Salice’s performance lenses is one of time-tested durability. In 1919, the Italian company initially manufactured heavy-duty goggles and sunglasses for industrial and military use. As the popularity of Vespa and Lambretta motorbikes grew in the post-war years, the expanded demand prompted the company to launch its own line of glasses for bikers and skiers.

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Filipina Ironwoman to Compete at Challenge Roth Triathlon in Germany

Philippine Ironman record-holder Ani De Leon-Brown aims to be first Filipina finisher

                Ironwoman Ani De Leon-Brown will make a bid to be the first Filipina to finish DATEV Challenge Roth—the world’s biggest long-distance triathlon event, in Germany on July 20. Brown joins around 3,500 individual starters and 650 relay teams from over 60 countries.

               “I am so excited to join Challenge Roth. This race will be quite historic for me as it has some parallels with my quest in 2008 to be the First Filipina to finish in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, on the race’s 30th anniversary. It is the 30thyear anniversary of Challenge Roth this year also,” said Brown, who has completed at least 10 Ironman distance races here and abroad.

Prior to the upcoming Challenge Roth, Brown competed at the Ironman Melbourne in March this year, where she set the Philippine Ironman Record with a time of 11:08.

“My record-setting finish at Ironman Melbourne was a great way to mark my 20th year as a triathlete. I am hoping and praying that I will be able to pull off a sub-11 finish at DATEV Challenge Roth. That would really be a feat for me!” said Brown, who is a member of Unilab Active Health Triathlon Team.

From her days as a member of the swim team of the University of the Philippines (UP) to her joining her first Ironman Distance Race in Matabungkay in 2002, Brown has become popular in the local triathlon scene as a coach and athlete. Thus, her bid at DATEV Challenge Roth interests both her supporters as well as fellow triathletes.

“I am thankful for all the encouragement that I am getting from my family, friends and fellow triathletes. My supporters and sponsors have also been very generous. I am blessed and honored to represent our country at DATEV Challenge Roth,” said Brown.

Since its first race in September 1984, DATEV Challenge Roth is considered as the “heart of the triathlon” and is expected to attract over 220,000 spectators this year. The competition will start with a 3.8 kilometers swim in the Main-Donau-Canal, followed by a 180 kilometers bike race and a final marathon of 42 kilometers.

Maximum finish time is 15 hours for single starters and 13.45 hours for relay teams. The current world record, which was actually established in Roth, is 7:41:33 by Andreas Raelert in 2011.


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