"…i am not a religious man… but my body is my temple… the pavement is my church… every step, a grace from God… every breath, a silent prayer … every distance, a holy blessing… every run, a fervent worship…" ;-P


The other night as my brother Peter, my cousin Jing-jing and I were having dinner, news about the “laglag-bala” modus operandi flashed on TV. Some airport personnel are allegedly planting bullets in traveler’s bags so they can catch them with a violation, detain them, then extort money from them in exchange for their freedom.

The news story reminded my brother of an incident many years ago involving three HPG officers and a possible laglag-‘something’ scheme. His story goes like this:

As my brother was traversing a highway in Metro Manila, three HPG officers flagged him down. After he pulled over, Officer 1 asked for his license and registration.

“Routine inspection lang sir,” Officer 1 said.

He then asked my brother to step out of the car. Having had an inkling that this might be some kind of “laglag-baril/droga/what-have-you” operation, he took the necessary precaution of locking all of the car’s doors after stepping out.

Officer 1 asked him to open the hood. My brother did so but made sure to lock the car doors after. Officer 1 then proceeded to check under the hood, my brother looking on closely. As this was going on, Officer 2 was trying to open the car doors but found them locked.

“Buksan mo ‘to,” he called out. “Kailangan i-check yung loob.”

Unfazed, my brother replied “Sandali lang, pagkatapos dito, diyan tayo.”

Officer 2 had no choice but to wait. My brother, by the way, is a tall, dark, hulking mass of a man fit to be a bouncer with the attitude to match.

He does not intimidate easily.

After Officer 1 was done inspecting under the hood, he then asked to inspect the interior of the car. So my brother closed the hood and only then did he open the car doors. As Officer 1 and 2 started inspecting the inside, he again made sure to be looking on closely.

As this was going on, Officer 3 walked to the back of the car and said, “Buksan mo yung trunk para ma-check na.”

To which my brother again replied, “Sandali, pagkatapos dito, dyan tayo.” Officer 3 had no choice but to wait.

After Officer 1 and 2 were done inspecting the interior, my brother locked all the car doors and only then did he open the trunk. Again, he made sure to look on closely as the three officers made their inspection.

Having found nothing of suspicion and –to my brother’s mind– having been unable to plant an illegal weapon or a packet of prohibited substsnce or who-knows-what, Officer 1 returned his license and registration to him and motion him to go.

As he drove away, my brother said to himself, “Akala niyo maiisahan niyo ko ha.”

Now whether the HPG Officers’ intentions were malicious or not, we’ll never know. But my brother is just not the type to take that chance.

I thought it was real smart of him to take that precaution and I just wanted to share his story to those who may find themselves in the same situation and might want to take the same precaution too.

Because, you never know, you know?


Photo courtesy of http://www.tribune.net.ph/nation/20100321nat6.html


kickass schedule

Commercenter, the go-to hub for families and communities in the south in Alabang, were busy with fitness activities and classes for the whole weekends for August. Thanks to the first ever Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo for offering exciting workouts and talks for the mall goers to check out.

Kickass was founded when Ruby Gan went home inspired from an international marathon.

Having no such event in the country that features a vast array of sporting and fitness goods,

Kickass’ intention was to provide the same holistic experience from that one particular expo. Working with Que Gavan of Takbo.ph, a partnership was created, with the two combining their wits to design an expo that is unique and suited to the local community.

The first weekend was about running and nutrition. There were talks on running for both the new and the seasoned runners – for kids, for beginners, for those who want to try out the trails and those who want to go further and do ultramarathon. Experts also shared the importance of proper nutrition and hydration for everyone to be aware of the proper diet and how to fuel up for race day.

MS 101 Camp at Kickass

Multisport Philippines had the next weekend teaching participants about running and biking. They had outdoor application drills after the talk, both for running and biking. Participants get to apply was they learned and was treated to post workout snacks and some giveaways.


The last weekend of the expo was the most exciting part. It offered relaxing and heart-pumping exercises like yoga (ashtanga and vinyasa) and high-intensity interval training. Even the benefits of having babies learning how to swim was discussed. PiYo, a combination workout, inspired by Pilates and Yoga, was also first launched in the expo.

It was a gathering of the best coaches and speakers like Andy Leuterio, Chi Malasarte, Paulo Sotelo, Fia Batua, Hector Yuzon, Jinoe Gavan, Jonel Mendoza, JP Alipio, Mitch Felipe, Ria Mackay, Teeffany Go, Ani de Leon-Brown, and Titus Salazar to share and discuss several interests.

Kickass Weekend 1

Kickass Weekend 2

Kickass Weekend 3

The expo also showcased several fitness and sports brands. Mall goers, as well as participants, had a chance to check out over 20 exhibitors of great mix of brands and services, from apparel, to athletic shoes, to fitness accessories, to hydration options. Participants had a chance to have their feet analyzed to know the perfect shoe and to try out the cool zero impact running equipment.

Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo 2015 was made possible with the partnership with Takbo.ph, Multisport and Asics. It is an all in one event where cyclists, runners,  triathletes, and even those starting to get a healthy lifestyle, had the opportunity to learn, experience, and buy products and services that surely intensify one’s goal in keeping an active and healthy lifestyle.


With the success of the first ever Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo, the team is now looking at similar and bigger event to inspire and encourage more people to keep moving!


Press release courtesy of Que Sullano-Gavan Takbo.PH


I’m a gadget runner. I’m hardly ever without my phone, my gps watch and especially my music player whenever I go out for a run. Running with music has always been my thing and always will be. So when a fun run like this that celebrates music and running came along, I said “I’m in!”

The Music Run Manila 2015 is here!

Brought to the Philippines by Philam Life, A purely fun 5k run with five different music zones representing the following music genre: Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop and Dance, known collectively as the Sound Track. No strict cut-off time for the run because it’s really just a party!

The event starts at 4PM so be there by 3PM at the Philippine Arena. The party ends at 9PM. Five hours should be plenty of time to run a 5K, dance to your music genre of choice and party right? And at the Finish Line, you get a medal!

Not only that, there are free shuttle buses offered to all Music Runners! Just say so when you get your tickets to the event so you can get listed. You also have two choices of pick-up points: in Market Market BGC or Trinoma.

Let’s run with music every step of the way!


What: The Music Run Manila 2015

When: 0400PM Saturday November 14 2015

Where: Philippine Arena



Register from August 27 to September and get an Early Bird discount of 20%!

Standard – Php 700 (Early Bird)/ Php 850 (Normal)
Rockstar – Php 1200 (Early Bird)/ Php 1400 (Normal)

Register as Standard and get these:

The Music Run 2015 Standard Event Pack.

A Dri-Fit Tee, Music Runner Beat Band, Live The Beat Sticker, and a Temporary Tattoo.


Register as a Rockstar and get these:

The Rock Star Event Pack

has everything the Standard Event Pack has, plus a Live The Beat Phone Case, Live The Beat Baseball Cap, and Rave Shades.


To register at Ticketworld online, click here:

Ticketworld – The Music Run Manila 2015

To get your tickets at Ticketworld outlets, check their locations here:

Ticketworld outlets

All finishers get this medal!







MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Registrations are now open for The Music Run™ by Philam Life Manila, a truly immersive and rocking 5km fun run that is bringing the beat to the Philippines for the first time. Having toured Asia and entertained over 50,000 participants or Music Runners™ from Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Yangon, The Music Run™ by Philam Life promises to deliver a brand new experience to participants on Saturday 14th of November at the Philippine Arena.


Set over 5km, The Music Run™ by Philam Life takes Music Runners™ through an exciting odyssey of sound with five different Music ZonesRock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop and Dance. Concert quality speakers will line the entire course or “Sound Track”, creating a truly immersive and rocking music experience which ends with live performances from local artists at the Finish Zone Music Festival.

The Music Run™ has partnered with Spotify to build a bespoke digital music selection mechanic that enables crowd sourcing of music providing a true social voice to the event. With the tagline Your music, Your beat™, Music runners™ can stake their claim on the music in rotation by voting for their 5 favourite tracks in each music genre on the website www.themusicrun.com.ph. The five most popular tracks from each genre will then be selected to form music zone playlists for the actual run.

Unlike other marathons and themed running events, The Music Run™ by Philam Life has no time clock which means anyone of any fitness level can join in the fun and complete the run at his or her own pace. It is not about who has the fastest time, but simple who has the most fun. All Music Runners™ will be awarded with a medal at the Finish Line.


Manila is just one of 20 cities in eleven new countries experiencing The Music Run™ for the first time in 2015. The Music Run™ is one of the fastest growing fun running events in the world and the Manila leg of the hugely popular series is expected to draw 10,000 fun seekers, runners and music lovers. Music Runners™ may start signing up via the Ticket World website or at Ticket World outlets from August 27 onward. A limited number of early registrants also get a special 20% discount.

For more information please visit The Music Run The Music Run Manila website, The Music Run Manila 2015 facebook page or The Music Run Manila Youtube Channel.

# # End # #

Press release courtesy of takbo.ph


Sign Up for the 500m WALK FOR WISHES.

Make-A-Wish ® Foundation Philippines benefits from Takbo.ph Runfest through optional participant fundraising.

Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.

When you support Make-A-Wish, you share in the power of a wish-come-true.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much is the registration fee?

We request for a donation of P500 for each volunteer. The entire amount will go to help fund the operations of Make-A-Wish Philippines as we grant wishes of kids with life-threatening medical conditions.

2. What distance will we cover?

You will walk a very short distance of 500 meters with us and our Wish Kids. If you want to run longer distances, Takbo.ph offers 5k, 10k, and 21k legs.

3. How do I register?

Simply click on https://regonline.activeglobal.com/Runfest2015MNL to register. Or at selected Chris Sports outlets and at 100 Miles Cafe in BGC. See the list of registration venues below.

4. What will I get in exchange for my registration fee?

Prepare to receive a life-changing experience of walking with kids to spread strength, hope, and joy! Volunteers will also receive a commemorative race-bib and a token from Make-A-Wish Philippines. We will also be raffling off amazing prizes at the end of the event!

5. Is there an age limit?

No, there is no age limit to joining the Walk for Wishes event. You can invite your family and friends!

6. Can our company join this event?

Yes, definitely! We welcome employees to walk with us. You can even wear your company shirts for photo-opportunities. Please email please info@makeawish.org.ph for your inquiries.

7. How do I grant a wish on that day?

Groups, families, and companies with a minimum of 20 participants will be assigned a wish kid. Your group will walk with the wish kid and his/her parents, and your group’s representative will be given a chance to go up on stage to award the kid’s wish immediately after the event!

What’s more, your group is then free to spend time or have brunch with the Wish Kid and his/her family (with the supervision of a Make-A-Wish trained volunteer) after the awarding ceremonies.

If you have more questions, please email info@makeawish.org.ph and we will get back to you soon.

Register now at https://regonline.activeglobal.com/Runfest2015MNL


Selected Chris Sports Branches (during mall hours)
– Chris Sports – Market Market
– Chris Sports – SM Megamall
– Chris Sports – SM North EDSA
– Chris Sports – SM Mall of Asia
– Chris Sports – Glorietta
– Chris Sports – Festival

100 Miles Cafe (Mondays to Saturdays only. Close on Sundays)
2/F Fort Pointe II
28th St., Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City, Taguig
Mon-Fri: 10AM – 9PM
Sat: 9AM-8PM
Sun: Closed


Team Kamote Runners will be five years old on Takbo.PH Runfest 2015. TKR as we call ourselves started as Volunteer Team 6 in 2010. The team while largely quiet lately have always been around, still friends and still running. We’ll be celebrating our fifth at the Runfest. Are you ready for us?


The Runfest will actually have several events this year starting with the Manila leg at BGC on July 12 2015. There will be a Cebu and a Bacolod later in the year plus a Takbo.ph Ultrafest 2015. What that’s about I don’t know yet but I’m already excited and I’m in!

But first, let’s get together at BGC on July 12, shall we?

Check out the registration details below:


Check out the Takbo.ph Runfest 2015 Singlet:


Register early and get your name printed on your race bib! Take note that your race kit won’t be ready at registration. There’s a kit claiming period at 100 Miles Cafe on June 18-20. Only early registrants get this lucky so get on it!

Read here to know how to claim:

Takbo.ph Runfest 2015 Race Kit Claiming procedure

Missed the early registration? Not to worry. You can still register but your race bib is no longer personalized. However, you can already get your kit upon registration.

Wanna register online? Click here:

Takbo.ph Runfest 2015 Online Registration

How about registering onsite?

Selected Chris Sports Branches (during mall hours)
– Chris Sports – Market Market
– Chris Sports – SM Megamall
– Chris Sports – SM North EDSA
– Chris Sports – SM Mall of Asia
– Chris Sports – Glorietta
– Chris Sports – Festival

100 Miles Cafe (Mondays to Saturdays only. Close on Sundays)
2/F Fort Pointe II
28th St., Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City, Taguig
Mon-Fri: 10AM – 9PM
Sat: 9AM-8PM
Sun: Closed

And here’s the singlet and finisher shirt!


This event is brought to you by:


For more information:

Runfest 2015 BGC 5/10/21K

Takbo.ph Runfest 2015 BGC (facebook event)


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