"…i am not a religious man… but my body is my temple… the pavement is my church… every step, a grace from God… every breath, a silent prayer … every distance, a holy blessing… every run, a fervent worship…" ;-P

Shades of Unlimited


At Nike, the phrase “be a sponge” is often bantered about. Mark Parker, President & CEO, NIKE, Inc., has noted the eyes-open mandate as a habit he picked up as a child, when he would take long walks with his grandmother and soak up the natural world — plants and rocks, seeds and bugs. This attentive observation is shared by Nike designers, who consciously connect to the world around them. They interact with athletes, view art and travel the globe to activate their imaginations and inform their creations — a dynamic blend of influences that has recently taken on a vivid tone.

In anticipation of the summer’s competitions, the company’s color design team first considered the flow of the body in motion. Imagining athletes’ travel then directed their minds to tropical rainforests and the fauna that thrives in the environment: birds, with their attention-grabbing, color-shifting feathers; beetles, with their futuristic shining shells. Absorbing these inspirations prompted an exploration of artwork. The designers pored over images and films of birds in flight, close-ups of their iridescent wings and insects arranged like precious jewels.


These colorful influences ring out into the company’s vibrant summer palette, led by Nike’s new signature unlimited colorway and extending to its exploration of national shades, which broaden traditional flag tones to both their brightest and their deepest extremes.

In motion, these brilliant colors appear to paint a subtle glowing path, representing not only its wearer’s unlimited athletic abilities but also the way in which Nike views the world: bursting with unlimited inspiration and design possibilities.


* * *

Notes to Editors More information and images here: http://news.nike.com/news/unlimited-colorway

About NIKE, Inc.

NIKE, Inc., based near Beaverton, Oregon, is the world’s leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Wholly-owned NIKE, Inc. subsidiary brands include Converse, which designs, distributes and licenses casual sneakers, apparel and accessories; and Hurley, which designs and distributes a line of action sports and youth lifestyle apparel and accessories. For more information, NIKE, Inc.’s earnings releases and other financial information are available on the Internet at http://investors.nike.com and individuals can follow @Nike.


1cfb529d-5e95-430a-8b09-e8caf850306fLunarEpic Mid - M

The Nike LunarEpic Flyknit offers a virtually vanishing fit, fluid feel, and superior softness to help every runner push themselves to go beyond their beyond in every mile they take.

LunarEpic Low - W


The LunarEpic Flyknit was conceptualized eighteen months ago when Nike’s running designers took insight and inspiration from the Nike Magista football boot. Working with the Magista’s idea of allowing the foot, ankle and lower leg to work together as a single unit to emphasize natural movement and fluidity, they set out to create a running shoe that imparted the same sensation while serving the runner’s key needs.



With a Flyknit-constructed upper for a locked-down fit and a Lunarlon midsole for lightweight cushioning, the LunarEpic Flyknit delivers a secure and smooth ride that will enable the wearer to #RunForever. It is also incredibly versatile and is ideal for distance workouts, progression runs and recovery runs.



The LunarEpic Flyknit is now available in low version for women. Both Mid and WMNS Low versions are available at Nike Stadium, Glorietta 2 and at Nike Park, Fort at 8,845 php and 8,095 php, respectively.

* * *

About NIKE, Inc.

NIKE, Inc., based near Beaverton, Oregon, is the world’s leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Wholly-owned NIKE, Inc. subsidiary brands include Converse, which designs, distributes and licenses casual sneakers, apparel and accessories; and Hurley, which designs and distributes a line of action sports and youth lifestyle apparel and accessories. For more information, NIKE, Inc.’s earnings releases and other financial information are available on the Internet at http://investors.nike.com and individuals can follow @Nike.

UltraBOOST Uncaged_1

Inspiration from fans, innovation for performance

adidas drops the next generation of running greatness with UltraBOOST Uncaged

·       Trademark adidas innovation updates for high performance

·       Re-engineered upper delivers Uncaged look without compromise

·       The perfect expression of adidas’ dedication to meeting today’s athletes’ needs

The wait is over. adidas embraces the future of running with the introduction of UltraBOOST Uncaged, a shoe inspired by fans and perfected by the innovation experts of adidas Running. Featuring a new adidas Primeknit upper, an internal support system and unique tiered lacing system, UltraBOOST Uncaged is engineered for maximum performance.

 UltraBOOST Uncaged_2

Originally created as an evolution of the greatest running shoe ever, UltraBOOST Uncaged continues the performance legacy of its predecessor with each element designed to collectively deliver an unparalleled running experience. To transform the Uncaged look into a performance vehicle, adidas adapted an internal midfoot skeleton using technology developed for the world’s top track athletes, delivering highly technical support and comfort with a rebellious look. A re-engineered adidas Primeknit upper provides flexible breathability and natural movement through each stride to complement an adaptive knit collar. A new multi-tiered lacing system allows runners to personalize style and fit, while specially-designed flat laces offer enhanced comfort and stability.

 UltraBOOST Uncaged_5

Alongside its new innovations, UltraBOOST Uncaged also maintains its signature UltraBOOST features. A supportive heel counter showcases the iconic embossed UltraBOOST name and keeps the foot locked in place for additional stability; a full length BOOST midsole provides industry leading Energy Return and a Stretchweb Continental Rubber™ outsole flexes naturally for superior traction with every step.


In addition to providing running greatness, UltraBOOST Uncaged represents the commitment adidas has to its fans and athletes. After global trendsetters first modified UltraBOOST by cutting off its cage, adidas embraced the movement and invited partners to create their own stylized versions of the shoe. Following this collaborative approach and in line with its dedication to delivering only the best for the athlete, adidas created its latest running innovation – a sleek new silhouette with the performance benefits that separate UltraBOOST from every other running shoe.

 UltraBOOST Uncaged_3

“UltraBOOST Uncaged combines the performance and innovation standard of UltraBOOST with the unique flair of our passionately creative fan base,” says Ben Herath, Vice President of Design for adidas Running. “adidas is committed to making athletes better through innovation and UltraBOOST Uncaged is another prime example of that pledge being met with the input of runners from around the world.”

 UltraBOOST Uncaged_4

adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged drops in adidas stores on June 29 for Php8995.


Join the adidas Energy Running movement by following @adidasrunning on Twitter and Instagram using #UltraBOOST.

We were up too early on a Sunday morning, excited to run Nickelodeon’s Slime Cup Run 2016. After sending off a cousin to the airport, we headed straight to SM Mall Of Asia.

2016-05-29 04.57.09

But first a quick detour. Paige knows how to spot nice cars and she just had to check out this yellow 2001 Toyota Celica  in the airport parking lot.

2016-05-29 04.32.35

We arrived so early the organizers were still finishing the setup as we picked up our race kits.

2016-05-29 04.32.30

We spotted drums of slime being mixed right beside this tunnel. We can’t wait to pass through after we cross the finish slime! But first a quick nap as the gun start is still an hour and a half away.

2016-05-29 05.38.42

We were up as the sun was rising and Paige was ready to go posing beside her Tito’s Ford Everest.

2016-05-29 05.47.39

Just before the race started we were treated to a quick warm-up by no other than Spongebob and Patrick!

2016-05-29 05.50.22

This will be our fifth 3KM race together and we’re always raring to go!

2016-05-29 06.08.49

Less than a kilometer in and we’re faced by the first obstacle, the Ninjas!


Paige went through the tire hop easy. Hardly a challenge for this girl!


Halfway through the race and Paige is still going strong!

2016-05-29 06.35.06

On our way back Paige posed with the Ninjas. We skipped the third obstacle because they closed it. No big deal, she wants to get slimed already anyway.


And so she did! Paige always wondered how it felt to get slimed. Mission accomplished!

2016-05-29 06.47.10

Another 3K in the bag plus a slime shower! Congratulations, Paige!


Of course the fun didn’t stop at the race itself. We went and played the games at the activity area. First stop the Snail Race.

2016-05-29 07.06.50

Next up, Sky paper plane making and flying. After designing her paper plane…


…she flew it through the hoops to get a prize.


Ever the big fan of the ball pit, of course Paige had to slide and hop and crawl her way in!

2016-05-29 08.02.25

On our way home we spotted a supercar trailing us. We took turns guessing what it was. It’s a Lamborghini Huracan!

2016-05-29 08.23.07

After a quick breakfast on the go, our little runner had to nap after a tiresome but fun morning.

We would like to thank Que and Jinoe Gavan for accommodating us in the race, Leadpack Events for a fun, family-oriented event and Nickolodeon for the slime, haha!

This was a cool way for kids to end the summer. Congratulations everyone!


2016-05-28 16.16.12

“When a person is strong, everything becomes easy.”

Alpha Strength believes in this so much they put up a gym designed not only to find your inner strength but to optimize and maximize it, apart from making you fitter and healthier.

Whether you go to the gym or not, we can all agree that our lives can be better if we can go through daily routines with ease, be it walking a few blocks to work, carrying a child or simply picking up keys from the floor. Do you know your body is designed to take on more than these challenges? What makes them difficult for most people are the conveniences that modern living provide.

2016-05-28 16.11.01

At the Alpha Strength gym, they aim to take you out of your sedentary lifestyle, build into you physical and mental strength through the use of tools other than barbells.

There are three programs: Be Alpha, Alpha 365 and Alpha Mode.

2016-05-28 14.52.07

Be Alpha takes you where you are right now and aims to fix movement patterns caused by a sedentary lifestyle or incorrect forms of working out. It takes your current health and capacity into consideration, provides you a work out that addresses your limitations then eventually increases the intensity of your workout as you progress.

2016-05-28 15.36.55-2

Alpha 365 has a simple goal in mind: make your body adapt to stress. The only way for your body and mind to get better is to take it out of the routine of daily life, however physically active you are and introduce stress.

2016-05-28 15.37.48

It works in two ways:

  • Making the body adapt through progressive overloading within each mesocycle (a specific timeframe of training alloted for a particular goal).
  • Conditioning training using different methods help you adapt in the three energy systems of the body’s functions: glycolytic (short bursts of energy), phosphagen (short-medium bursts of energy) and oxidative (long usage of energy).
  • 2016-05-28 15.01.27

Alpha 365 is about holistic fitness, aimed at pushing you to top performance level.

2016-05-28 16.13.18

Alpha Mode is about maximizing strength. This is a by-appointment class for the competitive set, mainly athletes looking to improve their performance in preparation for a competition or a race.

2016-05-28 14.37.44

“Becoming stronger is not easy; it will test you, it will disappoint, and just like life, it is not a walk in the park. That’s why getting stronger is worth it, and that’s what we are; we make people stronger. In the four corners of Alpha  Strength, we will prepare you for whatever life will throw at you. What we want is the strongest version of yourself.”Aaron Dela Cruz, Head  Coach, ALPHA STRENGTH  and ALPHA STRIKE.

2016-05-28 16.41.29

ALPHA STRENGTH is located at the ground floor of SPARTA Philippinrs, 16 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City.

Contact information:

Inquiries/reservations: 09177943776 (Mobile/Viber/Whatsapp)

Follow @alphastrengthph on Instagram

Like Alpha Strength PH on facebook.





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