"…i am not a religious man… but my body is my temple… the pavement is my church… every step, a grace from God… every breath, a silent prayer … every distance, a holy blessing… every run, a fervent worship…" ;-P

The Sagittarius Runner

Part man, part horse.

Born to run. Born to play.

A lover of great distance, with a desire for physical and mental activity, the Sagittarius always seeks to travel, even on foot if necessary. Guided by a deep well of energy with endurance to match, the Sagittarius is always in the hunt for what’s beyond the horizon.

Aided by two of the strongest and largest parts of the human body, the thighs and the legs, the sign Sagittarius has a penchance for riding, the outdoors and long distance running. He is destined to excel in at least one physical discipline with an affinity for horse-riding given the symbol of his sign but he will try every sport in his desire to strengthen body and mind, whose link in between is symbolized by man and horse.

A life out in the open, peppered with lots of activity like sports and hunting in the company of dogs or horses, is where the Sagittarius feels at home.

The Sagittarius is not a seeker of riches, nor is he a keeper of it. He may forgo his fortune if it hinders him from doing what he truly loves. He lives for self-expression and seeks every possible avenue available to spend his interminable amount of energy. Both a diverse and constant variety of physical activity is required to maintain sanity.

To keep the Sagittarius stimulated is to keep him moving.

The Sagittarius runner may have a tendency to be clumsy, even get hurt but he has such a wellspring of luck that he will eventually bounce back. He dreams of the impossible, does his research, makes them possible, even if the real world thinks otherwise. In his enthusiasm, however, he may rely on the good (common) sense of the people he trusts and loves who, in their concern him, may diminish his efforts without them knowing it.

When it comes to love, however, the Sagittarius is a sprinter. Not one to be tied down. with a tendency to change mood and behavior, the Sagittarius can quickly fall in love , and just as quickly fall out of it. A catch the Sagittarius may be, but quite a difficult one to, even if he’s not running. Soon as he feels things start to settle, he begins to break away, in search (again) for new adventure.


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