"…i am not a religious man… but my body is my temple… the pavement is my church… every step, a grace from God… every breath, a silent prayer … every distance, a holy blessing… every run, a fervent worship…" ;-P

1. no medals will be given away this year.


this year’s race is not about the medal, or the timing chip (although there is one) or the entertainment & gimmicks. this race is about saving Mother Earth. please don’t expect one for 2013.

2. instead of a medal, each runner gets a nameplate for the three trees that will be planted on his/her behalf.


my race kit included these three nameplates. they will be placed alongside the three trees that will be planted on my behalf (or in this case, on behalf of my niece, my nanay & my tatay). 

isn’t this a better/fitting tribute than a medal that will eventually tarnish and rust?

3. being earth-friendly, race kits will be made of recycled materials.


aside from the three nameplates, your race kit will include your singlet, race bib+timing tag, water bottle, map of your race route & instructions on how to link your facebook to your timing chip via strider.

4. since we’re planting trees, we’re saving them too by making registration paper-less via the biometric system.


there are no forms to write on. everything is online.  depending on the queue of people at the registration booth, you can be in and out in about ten minutes.

5. runners are encouraged to use the natgeo earth day run 2013 water bottle.


in order to reduce paper/plastic cup waste, this natgeo earth day run 2013 water bottle is to be refilled at every water station. 

6. Pacific Sun Coco Fresh Natural Coconut Water will be served at water stations.


you can now hydrate the natural way with coco fresh. Summit Mineral Water will also be served at hydration stations.

7. marshall’s will be riding on bicycles instead of motorbikes.


in an effort to reduce carbon foot print, bicycles will be the marshalls’ form of transportation in lieu of otorbikes.

8. Open and Pinoy Elite categories for the 10km and 21km races.


Filipino elite runners can both compete in the Open and Pinoy Elite categories. Should a Pinoy runner take the podium in the Open category, he automatically takes the podium in the Pinoy Elite category and he gets to take home both prizes!

9. race fees are at 2009 levels


true to their word, natgeo earth day run is going back to its roots with race fee levels last seen four years ago.

10. all 21K finishers will receive a Finisher Shirt.


while Merrell has been tapped to design and produce the singlets, the finisher shirt’s design and the apparell brand that is going to produce them are yet to be finalized. watch out for updates!

For more information about the Natgeo Earth Day Run 2013, click here:

Let’s celebrate Earth Day! NATGEO Earth Day Run 2013 ;-P


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  1. trickescota said:

    bro, did you register online? how did you come up with the size of your singlet? thanks!

  2. […] 10 things to know about natgeo earth day run 2013 ;-P […]

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